Supporting your children

Support for your children

We support children and young people up to the age of 18 years of age living with a parent diagnosed with cancer, going through cancer treatment, and living with a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. 

Telling your children, you have been diagnosed with cancer will be difficult. Children cope better if they are included and involved. It’s your choice if you use the word cancer and how much you tell them about your diagnosis and treatment. You know your child/ren best. 

Sit down with your kids and make sure you take your time to explain to them what’s going on for you as their Mum/Dad. Expect they will have questions and then make sure they have understood what you are telling them. Explain to them when and to who they can ask questions and who they have that they know they can talk to about anything you tell them, such as you/partner/family/friends/school. 

You may decide you want to notify the kids school about your diagnosis in case there are any mood and behavioural changes for your child/ren so they can provide additional support for them. 

Please note- We do offer support to children under 3 years. Unfortunately, most of our items in support packs are suggested age 36 months and over. We will provide age appropriate at home activities where possible and they are eligible to access our local respite activities too. 

Help make a difference. Become a Fundraiser.

Set yourself a challenge! Bake a difference, get your schools, college, work place, gym class involved and do a group fundraiser. Be as creative as you like. Use what you like to do and turn it into a fundraiser and get your networks involved. Organise a tea party, hold a ball, and take part in dress down Friday, so we can continue to support children during a parent’s cancer treatment.

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"The Trust supported my children’s friend during their Mum’s cancer. On our recent holiday, we got sponsored to build as many sandcastles as we could in an hour. Over £100 was raised to support other children"


Over 3,900 children & young people supported across the UK & NI to date.


Over 1,950 families where children are affected by their parent’s cancer supported to date


We are supporting 8 x the amount of children since we helped our first family back in Jan 2015

Support for
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Recently diagnosed and/or going through cancer treatment? Get support for your children here

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