Practical support

Funding children’s local activities

At the Trust you can access local time out activities for your children as you are undergoing treatment, all paid for by us. We know that living with cancer impacts on a family’s finances, through lost income, increased travel, heating and childcare costs, family activities become a luxury that gets cancelled at a time when children need the time away the most.

Here at the Trust we arrange local activities for children to attend with an adult from your family’s network, to provide children with some respite from seeing a parent going through treatment.

If you or someone you know is undergoing cancer treatment and have children living with you/them, our team at the Trust can arrange up to 3 local activities for children and young people to access.

“I really am most grateful for the Trust’s support for my daughter. As a single parent and being unable to work, every little bit helps.”
Alison Price, Mum to 1

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