Where does your donation go?

Every wondered where your donations to The Osborne Trust goes?

  • £3 covers the cost of posting out Ozzy/journals/activities/Mummy’s Got a Poorly Book to children needing our support.
  • £5 sends a Journal to the over 9s for their emotional well being during Mum/Dad cancer.
  • £10 sees Ozzy go to children under 10 for cuddles and comfort during a parents cancer treatment.
  • £20 sends a teenager and his mate out to the cinema so he can forget just for a while his Dad is having cancer treatment
  • £50 sends a family with kids under 5 to a local zoo or farm park for a day out to smile and laugh for the day.
  • £100 supports a family to access 3 local activities for their kids during Mum/Dad cancer treatment.

We do not spend any of your money on rent, utilities, phones, or wages. We’ve been lucky enough to secure external funding for my (Emma’s) post, so it doesn’t come out of your donations. We know you want your money to go directly to helping families.