Skydive for the Trust

Stuart Dures reasons for skydiving for us

Stuart Dures

Stuart Dures

During the last year my wife has undergone treatment for breast cancer. This had a huge effect on our young children. The Osborne Trust are a small charity that helped us when we needed it. They sent our children to a meal at Frankie and Benny’s, a day out to Eureka, Chester Zoo, Zipp Forest. They sent the kids Ozzy, their elephant teddy for cuddles and comfort and a notebook to write down any thoughts and fears.

This gave the children something nice to look forward to and enjoy when mummy was at home poorly and gave my wife some time at home to recover and recuperate without having to put on a brave face all the time.

Now I want to repay the favour and raise money for the Osborne Trust by doing a skydive which is terrifying for someone who can barely watch the children walk down the stairs in front of me!!

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Lucy Evans reasons for skydiving for us

Lucy Evans

Lucy Evans

My sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer this year. Not only has it had a huge impact on her but her husband & children. The Osborne Trust support the children of parents going through cancer treatment & organise days out, trips, activities & treats for these children.

I can honestly say this charity is amazing & is currently supporting my sister’s family. I would love to do this skydive to raise as much money possible for this amazing cause & as a personal challenge which before my sister’s diagnosis I’d never even consider doing.

Please help me to fulfil my challenge & help these children facing the horrendous experience of seeing their parent/parents battling such a horrendous disease.

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Ian’s reasons for skydiving for us

Ian & family

Hi all I’m doing a tandom skydive in October for a brilliant charity called Osborne trust which helps children who have a parent suffering with cancer my daughter beccy is one. she has been going through treatment for over a year now and will be getting more treatment over the next few years she has made the whole family so proud with what she has had to go through and has always tried to be positive when around her children and family and friends.

The Osborne trust have helped Beccy’s family by treating her children to days out which gave them a break from the whole cancer experience and also gave beccy some respite at home when recovering from treatment.  They also sent my grandchildren teddies to comfort them and a notebook to write down any fears and thoughts

Stuart beccys husband is also doing this skydive so if you can please donate for us as all money raised is going to a fantastic charity..thank you millions from us all..xx

If you would like to support my challenge, then please donate via