Coronavirus Update

Going through cancer is a worrying time for children of a parent undergoing cancer treatment. Many of the Mums & Dads we support are in the high-risk groups we are hearing so much to about on the news being told to self-isolate with their immune systems already compromised from chemotherapy treatment. Add to this the uncertainty, feeling vulnerable and struggling to manage their anxiety, our parents and their children will feel the physical, social and emotional isolation hugely. The coronavirus outbreak has created even more uncertainty during a difficult time amongst the families we have supported in the past, are currently supporting and those yet to reach us.

The Trust is run by one-person day to day, who works from home enabling us to continue the support we offer to families with children affect by a parent’s cancer. However, we have had to make some slight changes to what we currently offer. Our support packages are made up of funding local respite activities such as a cinema visit, trip to the farm park, food out and the like. These kids of activities are now on hold due to the government closing social gatherings and asking cinema and restaurants to close as from 20th March 2020. These activities will be on hold and provided once the activities re open for the children to enjoy at a later date. We can and still will provide children with support packages focusing on our mindfulness activities and emotional support in the way of Ozzy our Elephant teddy, Mummy’s Got a Poorly book, journals and colouring books. Whilst the post office is still open and moving post, we will still be sending out what we can to support your kids during this time. For those booked on your Together Time activities in April, these have been postponed until July/August time, all being well. Further information and date changes will follow.

The decision to close the schools as of today 20th March 2020 may have some impact on our worker who has children of her own home and you may see a small delay in our response, but we hope this won’t be the case. Remember we are not a 9-5pm charity and we work evenings and weekends when needed, so you will still receive the utmost care and attention from us.

Our website has all the information you need on what we offer, you can download our referral form off here or you can contact us to have one emailed/posted to you

This period is a worrying and challenging time for a small charity like ours with a number of our fundraising events cancelled over the coming weeks and months. We don’t like to ask at such a worrying time for us all, but if you could donate, run a virtual fundraising event, take one of our loose change boxes, or give some of the money saved from your daily fancy coffee on the work commute, this would be a great help. We can’t do US without YOU.

A Just Giving campaign has been set up