Baldies for Boobies!

On the 20th October 2017, aged 37, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I would begin my treatment on 14th November with Chemotherapy. One of the first things that ran through my mind was that I was going to lose my hair. I would be celebrating my 38th birthday bald. My husband decided that he would shave his head as an act of solidarity but would also try and raise some money and awareness at the same time.

He asked who I would like to raise money for and I immediately thought of the Osborne Trust. I’m not good at accepting help at the best of times but realised the importance of keeping life as normal and fun as possible for our two sons, Noah (7) and Freddie (4). I began to fill in the referral paperwork to request support from the trust and knew that I had to give something back to them.

We began to tell people of our plan, and as we did more and more people came on board!! We decided to make a little event of it and named it Baldies for Boobies. So, on the 9th December, 9 male members of my family and friends got together and shaved their heads live on my Facebook blog page (@boobsbehavingbadly) The video has been viewed by over 1000 people!!

My husband is a primary school teacher and 2 teachers and one of the head teachers from school agreed to join in. They would shave their heads in assembly on the following Monday if the school was able to raise £650. A letter went out, explaining what the charity does and why we were raising money for them, and parents and children raised a massive £700 in one week.

We initially aimed to raise £500, we raised that amount in less than 24 hours. People wanted to do something, to show their support and this was a way for them to do that. We have so far raised £2609 on our just giving page, with the £700 raised by the parents and children at Lord Scudamore Academy still to be added to that total.

Thank you Osborne Trust for the amazing job you do. We are so pleased that we were able to do something to help you to support families just like ours. You rock!!

The people in the photos are:
My husband, Jamie
My son, Noah (7)
My Dad, Ken
My father-in-law, Pete
My brother-in-law, Mark
My nephew, Eli (10)
Our friend Dave and his 2 sons Farley (13) Alfie (11)
Teachers from Lord Scudamore – Mr James and Mr Pember
Head teacher – Mr Whitcombe

Emma x