How we are governed

In July 2013 Emma Osborne was diagnosed with breast cancer when her children were then 7 and 4. From day one Emma thought about her children and what support would be available to them during her operation and treatments. In order to get through 9 months of treatment, she believed her children needed support and opportunities to go out and get away from seeing Mum sick and access to be able to open up and talk about their feelings. Emma found no support for her own children, and spent her whole treatment asking everyone involved with her care what she could access to support them, and found nothing at every turn.  Emma was determined that other children shouldn’t go through what her own children did and went about setting up The Osborne Trust.

The Osborne Trust is governed by 8 trustees, each with their own skill and experiences to bring to the day to day running of the Trust. Full list of our trustees details are available to view via our page on the charity commission.

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