Who is eligible to apply to the Trust?

Any parent/legal guarding of children under 18 years of age living with them who are currently going through cancer treatment can access the Trust for support.

What does the Trust fund?

We provide local respite activities for the children to access with an adult from your family/friends network. The aim of the Trust is to provide the poorly adult with some rest, whilst another adult from their network takes the children off to a local activity, funded by the Trust. We can fund up to 3 local activities during a parent treatment (we look at each request on its own merit). We fund the cost of 1 adult alongside the children. We DO NOT provide cash, we will either book the activity or send out a gift card for the chosen activity.

How do we get a referral form?

You can download the form via refer into us/contact us page, complete it and email (the-osborne-
trust@outlook.com) or post it back to us. Alternatively you can contact us via our Facebook or email to request one to be posted out to you.

Can we self-refer?

Yes, you can self-refer. Referrals are made by several agencies, charities and NHS centres/workers, but if you hear about us and you’re eligible, you can self- refer in. A referral form must be completed before you can access our services. The bottom half of the form must be completed by someone within the health services or another charity/agency who is involved with your treatment and care or knows about it and has seen site of the correct documentation.

Who from my health team needs to countersign the form?

Anyone who is currently involved with your care and treatment needs to countersign the form, we do need as much info about your length of treatment and a contact number for us to contact the team if needed.

Do you have to have a specific cancer to apply?

No. You just need to be receiving active treatment for your cancer to apply.

We returned our form back a week ago and heard nothing as yet?

Please allow up to 3 weeks for us to make contact, we are running the Trust voluntarily, all Trustees have full time jobs and children, we try and arrange your first activity as soon as possible. If you’re applying near the end of your treatment, we will still honour your activity if you finish your treatment after we get back to you. We record the date referrals come in to us.

What areas do you cover?

Our offices are based in North Wales and accept referrals from all over the UK?

What do you mean by a local activity?

By local we mean activities in and around your area, anything over an hour’s drive away from you will not be considered unless where you live is rural.

What activities do you fund?

  • Local cinema
  • Eating Out ( Pizza, Nando’s, any national chain restaurant)
  • Local farm parks
  • Local country parks
  • Trampolining/Bowling/Ice Skating/Skiing etc

We liaise with each family to see what would work best for them.

What activities do you not fund?

  • Theme park tickets
  • Special Days (Willow can provide special days for anyone under 40 years of age who have a serious illness)
  • Zoo tickets (unless the child is under 4 years of age, then we may consider it)
  • Football, Sports, Concert Tickets
  • Anything that isn’t classed as local to you, requires an overnight stay or for you to travel half the day to get there.
  • Hotels/Overnight stays
  • Weekend breaks
  • Spa days
  • Nursery, breakfast, afterschool and/or holiday club fees
  • Cash
  • Grants.

What’s Ozzy?

  • Ozzy is our stuffed elephant teddy, we can provide one to each child referred to us in pink, grey and blue. Priority goes to those under 10 years. The idea of Ozzy is to provide children with some comfort during this time, and to show the children they are not forgotten as part of our Never Forget Project. Ozzy’s can be bought in both 16” and 8” sizes, with all funds going to the Trust

I have finished my treatment and just found you, can I apply?

Unfortunately, no. The support is for children during your or a parent’s treatment NOT when treatment has ended.

How can we donate?

We have a justgiving page www.justgiving.com/osborne-trust

You can donate to all year round, you can donate via cheque and post to the address in the contact us page. You can fundraise by holding your own activity to support us. PayPal donations can be made, please email us for more information.

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