Emotional support

Ozzy the Elephant

The Osborne Trust has found that for children a teddy can be a best friend. Ozzy & his friends

Someone to cuddle with, give comfort when Mum or Dad is in hospital and a friend to talk to. We know that younger children miss out on getting some programmes of support on offer from us and from other agencies due to their age and levels of understanding what is going on for a parent with cancer.

Ozzy the elephant is our mascot as part of our ‘Never Forget’ programme and is now sent to each child referred into us who requests one. Ozzy is to provide comfort if a parent is away having treatment and for someone to talk to at bedtime, he is always there with a listening ear and a cuddle through the difficult times. Ozzy never forgets.


Writing is a way to look at ideas, thoughts and feelings that children may otherwise find difficult to express. Our journals for the over 9’s can help a child to stop, think and process what is happening to Mum or Dad. Feelings that they might find difficult to speak about might become easier to write about in their own book. As an activity, writing can help you process your emotions, which may help children to feel more in control of their feelings.


For those aged 3 and over we have our colouring books documenting Ozzy’s adventures through the year as a mindfulness activity to encourage children to take some time away and not think about what is happening with a parent at this time.

“Ozzy the Elephant and me will share lots of brilliant memories. I talk to her every night and I write in my journal every day.”
Millie aged 9

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